Geneve - Switzerland

Our history

The idea was born in 2015 and the ABC NGO was founded in 2017, when the founders Ricardo d’Avila and Fabíola Stollar realized that there is a huge lack of international education and professional opportunities for young Brazilian low-income talents, who will be the future of Brazil. The world is rapidly globalizing, there are no more borders, and low-income young talents also deserve to be part of this new world.

Ricardo d´Avila de C.

Brazilian, born in the city of São Paulo, where he grew up in a family that believed that a good education and academic formation is the basis of everything. His parents dedicated all their lives to educate their children in the best possible way. Mother, a Portuguese teacher, extremely focused on her three children. Father, was born in Minas Gerais (BR) and moved with 16 years old to São Paulo, planning to start a life and build a family.

Ricardo, a civil engineer with an MBA in Marketing and Human Resources, studied in one of the best schools in São Paulo, having a scholarship because his mother was a school teacher in the school. He entered engineering at one of the best public universities in Brazil, and at 35 years old he realized that an international experience would make him even more prepared for the future, always having Brazil as his culture and passion.

Twenty years of experience as an Executive of international companies that are market leaders, and living in Switzerland since 2011 where he accumulated an extensive know-how regarding global business development and strategic partnership management, experiences that made him think that this opportunity could be shared with thousands of talented-young Brazilians who dream of this growth and will be the future of Brazil.

Fabí­ola Stollar,

Brazilian, she was born in Jacareí city in the state of São Paulo, where she grew up in a family that also believed that a good education and academic formation is the basis of everything, dedicating all their incomes to the studies of their children.

Fabiola, a pediatric pulmonologist doctor with PHD in Pediatrics, accompanied her husband in the challenge of an experience in Switzerland, where they live since 2011. Today she works as a Pediatrician in Geneva (FMH in Pediatrics – Swiss Medical Association). She has medical publications in international journals. She also believes that an international experience from a personal and professional point of view, makes us better prepared for the challenges of the new globalized world.

This common thought between Fabiola and her husband Ricardo, gave rise to the desire of creating an NGO aiming to provide an international academic experience for young Brazilian low-income talents.