Geneve - Switzerland

Our values

Belief – always believe in the youth of our Brazil, they are the ones who will build a better country

Opportunity – to offer international opportunities for young Brazilian talents

Educate – to believe and to prove that education is the basis of everything. Young talents with a good academic-school background can go even further

International – to provide experiences and education abroad in order to create young people ready for the new globalized world

Legacy – to work constantly and positively, being sure that Brazil will have the best students and professionals of tomorrow

Gratitude – to share a little of what we live, between Brazil and abroad, always believing in the potential of our young people from Brazil

Dedication – to work as much as possible to fulfill the dream of many young high potential Brazilian talents

Transparency – to work ethically, always being transparent in our actions and processes

Partnership – to establish effective partnerships, always with confidence and thinking from a long-term perspective

Being human – always be surrounded by people who share the same values