Geneve - Switzerland

About us

ABC NGO is a non-profit organization that invests on young Brazilian low-income talents BELIEVING that the Brazil will be a better country if we provide international experiences and opportunities for students of great potential, who will be the leaders of tomorrow, making a journey of success, and will put into practice in Brazil, all the learnings acquired abroad.


In a serious way, to match transparency and coherence with its values, the ABC NGO aims to play a role as a facilitator of the dreams of thousands of young Brazilian talents.

“Being able to provide an international education for young Brazilian talents who do not have access to an international experience due to lack of financial resources, and knowing that tomorrow they will help to build a better country is very pleasant. To see their smiles when they arrive in Europe, and seeing their progress when they finish the projects and return to their families in Brazil, it does the soul good. Let’s do our part, every potential student who seeks an international educational experience, has the right to dream and see the dream comes true ”


The ABC NGO is based in Geneva, Switzerland, where the founders reside and manage out the main projects of the organization.




Our mission: “Create success stories for young students to BELIEVE that an international education will make them better for an even better Brazil.”

Our vision: to be recognized as the best Brazilian NGO in Switzerland/Europe that provides international education and professional opportunities for young Brazilian low-income talents, who are high potential with a great academic-school background.