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Individual Donor

Want to be a donor as an individual?


We are a new organization with all the necessary structure to carry out the social projects in which we are engaged. Despite all the events and campaigns to raise funds, we have not yet been able to make the ABC NGO self-sustainable.

We believe that, to have sustainability in our projects, we need regular resources from individuals, people who also BELIEVE in the development of education as the future of Brazil.

We invite you to join us! “Any amount will be of great value to us.”

Donate online by PAYPAL, use the credit card of your choice:

How to donate directly to our bank account?

To donate directly to our bank account, please contact us at as we do control all donations for reporting them in our annual report, and you also receive your receipt for your compensation in your annual tax return..

Hereunder you have the bank account details in Switzerland:



    Account number 14-628382-6


    IBAN CH26 0900 0000 1462 8382 6

As reporting, the ABC NGO will make available, on its website, annual informative bulletins containing all the actions that have been carried out through these donations.

“The important thing is not what is given, but the love with which it is given” (Madre Teresa de Calcutá)


Donation Term


I declare that I have read and accepted the following terms of the ABC NGO by becoming a donor:

Being a donor is a voluntary and spontaneous gesture, not being associated with the commercial transaction and/or counterpart. For this reason, registered donations can be canceled at any time, without any consequence, simply by my manifestation towards ABC NGO;

I declare, for all intents and purposes, to have read and be aware about the above terms