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  • international education and professional opportunities

    for young Brazilian low-income talents.
  • invests on young Brazilian low-income talents

    BELIEVING that the Brazil will be a better country.
  • The ABC NGO aims to play a role

    as a facilitator of the dreams of thousands of young Brazilian talents.

Who are

corporate donors?

Who are

individual donors?

How does the ABC NGO work?

ABC NGO is a non-profit organization, having 100% of its profit reinvested in the organization itself.

Who are corporate donors? They are private and public companies from all over the world, who wish to contribute with cash donations, having their brands linked to the projects developed by the ABC NGO.
Who are individual donors? They are individuals from all over the world who want to contribute with cash donations, helping the ABC NGO to develop its projects.
Who are the partners? Other NGOs, Foundations and Entities of Teaching all over the world, who wish to create partnership projects with the ABC NGO.
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What courses are available for our talented young people?

The courses are focused on languages as learning.
The courses focused on international management will be available only to university students who have already had professional experiences in Brazil
All courses have duration of no more than three months, during which time the cost of accommodation, transport and meals are covered by the ABC NGO.

Art and Visual Creation

Visual culture, Design and Photography

Business & Management

Controller, Sales & Marketing and International Management

French Language

French in General, Spoken and Professional


Our first students will be arriving in Europe in early 2019 for a six-month experience. Our first project is a partnership with FEA-USP and the Peter-Luise-Hager Foundation. Eight FEA-USP students were selected as highly qualified students from families with no financial conditions to invest in an international experience. So here are the testimonies of some of the students about the project and expectations.

Press room

Brazil: Where Free Universities Largely Serve the Wealthy

Brazil: Where Free Universities Largely Serve the Wealthy RIO DE JANEIRO—Her face and bare arms painted with the words “medicina” and “UFRJ”—her major and the acronym, in Portuguese, of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro—Ana Carolina and some classmates stand on a busy street in Rio’s sunny Ipanema district as they ask for […]

The Next Generation is unprepared for Globalization

The Next Generation is unprepared for Globalization The Next Generation is unprepared for Globalization Today’s university students are extremely concerned with issues of globalization and sustainability, but only four out of 10 believe their education has prepared them to address these issues, according to a new IBM study designed to gauge the attitudes and opinions […]

Do you want to become a partner?

If you wish to Partner with the ABC NGO, developing common campaigns and/or social projects and have the ABC NGO Friendly Company logo
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